GRAND OPENING of Midnight Mermaid Boutique!!!

Tara Snow

I am so proud and excited to welcome you to the grand opening of Midnight Mermaid Boutique! This has been many, many years in the making, and I am so truly happy to share this with you Sirens!

Fashion holds a very special place in our hearts. A designer handbag can give you all the feels! I mean, we are talking total euphoria here!!! A pair of sexy pumps can completely alter your mood and bring out your inner siren. A LBD can take you from day to night, with the simple change, or addition of accessories. A classic pearl necklace can make you feel like Audrey Hepburn, the ultimate fashion icon.

Fashion is more than dressing your naked body. It's expressing who you are on the inside, by showing it on the outside! Have fun with it, make it your own! The world is your oyster, you were meant to shine!

Sea you soon sirens!

xo T.

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